FfB Consultation 'Guide for Financial Institutions on Biodiversity Data, Tools and Approaches'
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Dear all,

On behalf of our members, we are delighted to welcome your input for our Finance for Biodiversity Foundation’s (FfB Foundation’s) consultation in order to produce our planned guide.

According to the aim of our consultation, it is titled Practical Guide for Financial Institutions on Biodiversity Data, Tools and Approaches.

The consultation will take about 30-45 minutes to complete. If you decide to take a break, please note down your registration number, so that you are able to continue with your input at a later stage.

The consultation consists of four chapters. Each chapter includes an introductory text and a set of consultation questions.
At your convenience, you can download a pdf with the questions and the text here: https://www.financeforbiodiversity.org/wp-content/uploads/FfB_Consultation_Guide-on-Biodiversity-Data-Tools-and-Approaches_16Nov2021.pdf.
Please note: this consultation builds on the definitions that are used in the 'Finance for Biodiversity - Guide on biodiversity measurement approaches' (https://www.financeforbiodiversity.org/publications/guide-on-biodiversity-measurement-approaches/).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
Read more: https://www.financeforbiodiversity.org/impact-assessment-working-group-starts-consultation-on-biodiversity-issues-and-approaches/

Warm regards,
Anne-Marie Bor and Anita de Horde
Coordinators of the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge