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NA100 is expected to launch in Summer 2022. It will be an investor-led initiative consisting of three workstreams: Corporate Engagement, Public Policy Engagement, Technical Advisory Group. The initiative will be supported by partner organisations, which are currently being selected.

Corporate Engagement
The Corporate Engagement workstream aims to engage the companies deemed to be systematically important to the goal of reversing biodiversity loss by 2030. The initial phase will be framed around a common set of investor expectations, covering board oversight, policies and procedures for addressing nature loss, assessment of impacts and dependencies, lobbying alignment, etcetera.

Public Policy Engagement
The Public Policy Engagement workstream will encourage the development, implementation and monitoring of public policies which will support global, regional and national commitments on biodiversity, specifically in relation to corporates. It will keep members updated on policy developments and ensure alignment between policy asks and corporate engagement.

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
The TAG will develop guidance and tools and provide access to technical expertise where required, to ensure all the initiative’s actions are guided by the latest science and best practice. It will also coordinate with relevant external frameworks on nature.

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